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What we all can agree is coming for us in 2021.

If 2020. was a year of disruption and transition for small businesses, 2021. will be a year of continued evolution. We saw 15 years of behavior change in 30 days. Going forward, small and midsize businesses will need to anticipate, as much as possible, the challenges that lie ahead. Here are few business trends that will continue to define NEW NORMAL : Remote Work and Work from Home is here to stay. Today more and more countries are creating visa benefits for remote workers and digital nomads; we can all agree that “Work from Home” will soon be Remote Work resulting in widely distributed teams. Organizations will benefit from having their employees available in multiple time zones but will also be able to hire people anywhere; one of the biggest challenges of it all is: how to keep distributed teams digitally secured.

Digitalization, undoubtedly one of the new age key elements of business growth, will accelerate. Many businesses were forced to digitize their operations and services this year to accommodate customers, but the bar will be even higher in 2021. The internet infrastructure of 2005. could not have handled the bandwidth demands of 2020. Our rapid adoption of technology will continue to energize digital transformation efforts. "Digital transformation" is no longer a buzzword.

To fully grasp what digitalization can offer requires a series of changes regarding the internal way people collaborate within the company. One of the main functions that must especially reinvent itself is the IT infrastructure that keeps that digitalization in place and provides technical opportunities in business prosperity.

Not only do customers expect businesses to have a greater online presence in 2021, they also expect a seamless digital experience. To create a convenient experience for your customers in 2021., it’s crucial to operate with a digital-first mentality and provide options. Depending on your business and industry, you could:

  • Offer mobile ordering and contactless delivery

  • Offer in-store and curbside pickup

  • Add a customer service chatbot to your website

  • Build an ecommerce platform for your products

  • Expand in-person payment options to include digital wallets like ApplePay and GooglePay

  • Offer virtual services that include a wide range of administrative, tech, and professional tasks, all of which can be completed remotely via phone, email and/or video calls.

  • Create a mobile-friendly website

  • Develop an app for your business

  • Create a self-service account portal

  • Add an online scheduling system to your business’s website

  • Expand customer service assistance beyond phone calls

As a business owner how would you visualize your business as a whole? What strategy would you develop in these conditions that are dictated by the New Normal, but that will increase your business growth even in these remote working times?

We are on a road of recovery and business adaptation/evolution. As soon as we realize what possible challenges are ahead, the sooner we can start preparing and adapting to overcome them, and we are not afraid to ask for help along the way.

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